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New laminate flooring instructions
1 Scope
This manual applies to laminate flooring paving preparation, paving and the use of the process.
2, the main features of
2.1 Definition
Laminate flooring (laminate flooring trade name) is a special one or more layers of paper impregnated with thermosetting
Amino resin, surfacing on high-density fiberboard or particleboard and other wood-based panel substrate surface, the back of the Canadian balance layer, wear a positive increase
Layer, by pressing, forming the floor.
2.2 Classification
● BY PURPOSE: commercial grade impregnated laminated wood flooring, home of grade Ⅰ Laminate flooring, grade Ⅱ Baptist Home
Laminate wood floor stains.
● divided by floor substrate: the substrate for Particleboard Laminate flooring, high density fiberboard's
Laminate flooring.
● divided by decorative layer: single layer impregnated decorative paper laminated wood flooring, thermosetting resin impregnated paper layer of high-pressure decorative laminates
Compression wood floor.
● molded shape by sub-surface: embossed Laminate flooring, Laminate flooring smooth.
● Level of surface wear: commercial grade ≥ 9000 switch, home switch to Ⅰ level ≥ 6000, home Ⅱ grade ≥ 4000 rpm.
● divided by formaldehyde emission: E0 Grade Laminate flooring, E1 Grade Laminate flooring.
2.3 Features
● surface abrasion resistance, scratch, impact and so on.
● surface resistance to pollution, corrosion resistance, good color fastness to light.
● good dimensional stability.
● low-carbon environment.
● pavement simple and easy to handle.
● rich in style, visual effects, cost-effective.
3, the implementation of standards
● GB / T 18102-2007 "Laminate flooring."
● LY / T 1700-2007 "to heating with wood flooring."
● GB 18580-2001 "interior decoration materials, wood-based panel of formaldehyde release limit."
● GB / T 20238-2006 "wood flooring, acceptance and use of norms."
● GB 18583-2001 "interior decoration materials, adhesives limits of harmful substances."
4, pavement preparation
4.1 Indoor Environment
● air humidity of 40% to 80% is appropriate.
● indoor temperature 10 ℃ ~ 30 ℃ appropriate.
● wall moisture content requires ≤ 30%.
● ground water content requires ≤ 20%.
4.2 Ground requirements
● the floor of the pavement in three ways: suspension, keel type and adhesive type, laminate flooring generally use suspended
Type pavement method. Floating floor installation method requires flatness ≤ 3mm/2m; keel installation method for the ground roughness
≤ 5mm/2m; adhesive method requires surface roughness ≤ 2mm/2m.
● According to the Consumer Housing pipes have been laid, the line arrangement of the situation, indicating the pipeline, the location of lines, so
● completely cleaned up the ground, to ensure that the ground surface dust-free, no projections and construction waste.
● Ground-based strength and thickness shall comply with the provisions of housing inspection.
● bathroom, balcony, kitchen water qualified.
● If the pavement at the bottom of the building proposed on the ground for the laying of water treatment or increase the moisture-proof layer.
4.3 to the requirements on the ground floor heating
● laying the floor, should verify the heating system is running correctly.
● floor installation, the moisture content of the ground can not exceed 10%.
4 4.4 Installation Notes
4.4.1 flooring, consumers respond to product name, quantity, quality condition, brand, etc. and confirm acceptance.
4.4.2 Pavement Surfacing staff to the consumer before the paving process and methods described in detail, and recognized by consumers
Before construction.
4.4.3 In the case of construction of the following circumstances can not be
● ground is not dry (wet), not clean.
● surrounding environment termites.
● cross-mix construction site operations.
● regional connected place with floor coverings (such as kitchen, bathroom, toilet, balcony, bay windows, heating pipes, etc.) did not
There is a good waterproofing.
● not clear water, electricity, roads and other concealed work trachea.
● construction period was too short to implement processes, not construction (overtime requirements can be negotiated.)
4.4.4 Who is responsible for the products who uphold the principles of installation, be sure to select the supplier of the specified flooring installers, to avoid
Quality and installation quality to avoid the floor caused by the unclear division of consumer losses.
5, supervision and acceptance of pavement
5.1 laminate flooring quality requirements
Table 1 laminate flooring quality requirements
Project quality requirements of measurement tools
Surface roughness
2m on foot (or thin rope) steel ruler,
Accuracy of 0.5mm
≤ 3.0mm/2m
Assembled height difference feeler, accuracy 0.02mm ≤ 0.15mm
Feeler from the joint assembly, precision 0.02mm ≤ 0.20mm
The ground floor and the walls and the gap between the steel ruler fixtures, precision 0.5mm 8mm ~ 12mm
Floor surface -
No damage, no scratches,
No glue spots
Abnormal sound - Walking in the region is not obvious
5.2 skirting board installation quality requirements
Table 2 skirting board installation quality requirements
Project quality requirements of measurement tools
Skirting boards and door frame gaps steel ruler, accuracy 0.5mm ≤ 2.0mm
Skirting board patchwork gap feeler, accuracy 0.02mm ≤ 1.0mm
Skirting board and floor surface of the gap feeler, accuracy 0.02mm ≤ 3.0mm
Skirting board along the same wall straightness
Thin rope 5m
Steel ruler, accuracy 0.5mm
≤ 3.0mm/5m (wall width of less than 5m, calculated by 5m)
Steel skirting board foot height difference between the interface and precision 0.5mm ≤ 1.0mm
5.3 Acceptance points
● flooring when the length or width of ≥ 8m, should adopt reasonable measures in the interval, setting expansion joints and transition section with a buckle. By
Near door, should set the expansion joints, and the transition section with buckle, and buckle the bottom door bar clearance of not less than 3mm, door
Should open and close freely. Deduction shall be installed solid.
● Floor surface should be clean and smooth. Appearance quality flooring products to meet the appropriate standards.
● flooring should be firm, not loose, no abnormal sound stampede.
● laying on the floor after the completion of paving units should be provided with consumer acceptance of both parties within the time limit for acceptance, for the laying of
Overall quality, service quality to be assessed and go through the acceptance procedures. Paving units shall be issued by the warranty card, promises
Floor warranty obligations.
6, use and maintenance
6.1 After laying on the floor, at least 24 hours before use health
Regular cleaning and maintenance 6.2
● Regular vacuuming or sweeping the floor, to prevent the accumulation of sand and other hard objects scratch the surface of the floor.
● Use the mop brush is not dripping, wax or use a special wood floor care and maintenance of essential oils.
● local dirt tracks available neutral detergent, prohibited the use of acid and alkaline solvents or organic solvents such as gasoline scrub.
6.3 Long-term sun exposure to prevent
6 6.4 ≤ 40% when the indoor humidity, humidity measures should be taken; indoor humidity ≥ 80%, the appropriate humidity and ventilation
6.5 Avoid sharp metal, glass, tiles, studs and other hard objects devices scratch the floor; moving furniture
And the heavy drag on the floor surface to avoid Norway
6.6 Long-term coverage should not use airtight material
6.7 contact with open flame is prohibited or floor placed directly on the floor high-power electric heaters; prohibition on the floor
Place strong acid and strong alkaline substances
6.8 If the long uninhabited, regular ventilation, to ensure proper indoor humidity in the range, in order to avoid
Avoid distortion or damage to the floor
6.9 Avoid the bathroom, kitchen and other rooms of the water leak
6.10 at the door mats should be used to prevent sand scratch board
Do not place heavy furniture symmetry 6.11
6.12 geothermal environment, floor maintenance Note
● When using the floor heating system, heating and cooling should be slow to prevent the floor crack and deformation.
● recommended floor surface temperature does not exceed 27 ℃, the surface shall cover the floor area of ​​more than 1.5m2 of the airtight material, to avoid
Free use without the legs of furniture.
7, the quality requirements of the warranty period
7.1 Warranty period
Used under normal maintenance conditions, from the date of acceptance of the warranty period of 1 year.
7.2 The surface quality requirements
Surface quality requirements of Table 3
Project quality requirements of measurement tools
Surface roughness
2m on foot (or thin rope) steel ruler,
Accuracy of 0.5mm
≤ 3.0mm/2m
Project quality requirements of measurement tools
Assembled height difference feeler, accuracy 0.02mm ≤ 0.30mm
Feeler from the joint assembly, precision 0.02mm ≤ 0.35mm
Bagging steel ruler, accuracy 0.5mm ≤ 3.0mm/2m
Steel ruler
Feeler, accuracy 0.02mm
Upturned seam height ≤ 0.25mm / block
Local blue - not allowed
Layered - not allowed
Decorative layer damage - under normal conditions of use, does not allow the surface layer of wear or damage to decoration
7.3 Maintenance
In the normal maintenance conditions of use, the warranty period does not meet the above quality requirements, the excessive part of the warranty should be responsible
The floor for a free replacement and maintenance.
7.4 Acceptance after repair
Floor repair, the warranty and consumer both parties shall promptly repair the floor surface layer after the acceptance of the overall repair
Quality, service quality and costs. Warranty shall repair the warranty registration card, consumers sign recognition. Warranty
Parties to continue in the remaining warranty obligations of the warranty.
8, pavement and common problems arising with the use of preventive measures
Table 4 and the use of pavement and common problems caused by preventive measures
Description of the problem causes precautions
Seams from the dark
Glue is not continuous ① specifications in strict accordance with installation of pavement, good moisture
② wring dry mop the floor clean
③ Please note that when no one turn off the tap, avoiding the floor of water
Suffered flooding the floor
Often dripping wet mop the floor clean
Too much ground moisture
Floor away from the seam
The environment is too dry ① maintain good indoor ventilation, suitable for indoor humidity
② width or length greater than the need to add expansion joint transition deduction 8m
③ be installed in strict accordance with pavement specifications
Less or not enough adhesive strength glue
Through shop area is too large
Description of the problem causes precautions
Abnormal noise floor
(Walking in the region had no significant impact
Sound within the normal range)
Uneven ground
① required leveling the ground
② to maintain proper indoor humidity
③ correct pavement according to specifications
Bagging deformation of the floor damp
Lack of pavement, the reserved slot
Stitching the poor quality of the floor glue
Bagging floor
Lack of expansion joints reserved
① pavement specifications for installation in strict accordance with
② joints can not be a foreign body
③ proposed removal of the original surface material, and then install the floor
Damp, fail to set up the transitional deduction shall
Expansion joints are blocked
A foreign body left under the floor
Floor grass-roots bagging
Surface damage
Man-made damage, resulting in scratches, surface de-
Down, chipping, etc.
① handling and careful operation when installing the floor
② to avoid sharp or heavy objects falling smashed the floor
③ Do not move heavy furniture or drag release
Surface contamination
Surface structural reasons, is difficult to clean up
① take the right floor cleaning and maintenance methods
② time to contact businesses

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